FOR WOMEN, VAGINAL LUBRICATION is an important part of sexual arousal. It readies the vagina for penetration, making it easier for the penis to enter and therefore reducing any irritation or discomfort. Painful intercourse is often caused by inadequate lubrication.

Whereas lubrication is a natural process, sometimes a woman may experience vaginal dryness making intercourse painful. These situations may include:

  • In contraceptive use.
  • During certain stages in a woman’s cycle.
  • With condom use.
  • In menopause.
  • Women who have undergone FGM.
  • Women undergoing certain cancer treatments.

In all these cases, the woman will need additional lubrication by using a personal lubricant.

Smugel is a greaseless, colourless, water-soluble and non-irritating jelly.

  • 100% Kenyan innovation.
  • Received Global and international awards.

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