Definition: The consistent inability to initiate and/or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual fulfilment, for at least the last 3-4 months. It is very common, is age related and affects at least 40% of patients above 40 years.

Symptoms Causes Risk Prevention Management ED Self Test
  • Trouble getting an erection.
  • Trouble keeping an erection.
  • Reduced sexual desire.

There are two main causes of ED, physical or organic causes which are usually the majority and psychogenic or psychological causes.

Physical/Organic causes

  1. Hypertension.
  2. High Cholesterol.
  3. Diabetes Mellitus.
  4. Atheroscelosis.
  5.  Certain prescription drugs.
  6. Some types of surgery.

Psychogenic causes

  1. Anxiety and depression.
  2. Stress.
  3. Relationship problems.
  1. Age >=40 yrs.
  2. Tobacco use.
  3. Being overweight.
  4. Medical conditions especially Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Heart condition.
  5. Injuries.
  6. Prescription drugs e.g. antidepressants and some antihypertensives.
  7. Psychological conditions-stress, anxiety, depression.

Make healthy lifestyle choices and manage existing health conditions through:

    • Regular exercise.
    • Stop smoking, limit or avoid alcohol, do not use illegal drugs.
    • Regular check-up and medical screening.
    • Reduce stress.
    • Optimally manage chronic health conditions with your doctor.
    • Weight loss.
  1. Oral prescription medications.
  2. Psychological counselling.
  3. Pumps and Implants.
  4. Surgery.
  1. You can have a self-test by using the IIEF self-test questionnaire before consulting your Doctor. Click Here for the test