Antibiotics are the cornerstone in management and prevention of bacterial infections worldwide. The mission of SiSi Pharmaceuticals is to ensure the consistent availability of unique antibiotics that best meets the needs of our patients in terms of efficacy, tolerance, affordability and suitability to our unique environment.

Clofort 750mg

Clofort 500mg

Clofort 250mg

Clofort 125mg

CLOFORT (cefaclor)

Is a second generation cephalosporin for the treatment of community-acquired respiratory, urinary, skin and soft tissue infections in children and adults. It is available as an oral formulation.

Fezolin 500mg

FEZOLIN (cefazolin)

Is a first-generation injectable antibiotic. It is the WHO recommended antibiotic for surgical prophylaxis. It can also be used in the treatment of respiratory, urinary, skin and soft tissue and bone and joint infections.

Fezolin is available as 500mg and 1gm Vials.